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What is nuclearenergy?Nuclear energy is a powerful sourceof energy, generated during anuclear reaction, by change in thenucleus of an atom Help me do custom atomic energy powerpoint presentation American MLA Master's 100% plagiarism free. | 18.12.2017| 149| 239. Need to get a atomic energy powerpoint presentation American Writing Harvard plagiarism free. | 16.12.2017| 135| 126. Where to find college writing assistance atomic energy powerpoint .

The source ofnuclear energy is the mass of thenucleus and energy generatedduring a nuclear reaction is due toconversion of mass into energy(Einstein's Theory). NUCLEAR FISSIONNuclear fission reaction, the nucleus ofa heavy radioactive element like uranium,plutonium or thorium splits up into smallernuclei, when bombarded by low energyneutrons.

A huge amount of heat isgenerated in this process, which is usedin nuclear power plants to generateelectricity.

NUCLEAR FUSIONNuclear fusion reaction involves the combinationor fusion of two light elements to form a heavierelement and release uncontrollable energy 6 Sep 2015 - The energy that is released through a nuclear reaction or radioactive decay process. Of particular interest is the process known as fission, which occurs in a nuclear reactor and produces energy usually in the form of heat. In a nuclear power plant, this heat is used to boil water in order to produce STEAM .

Thus itcannot be used to generate electricity, unlikefission reaction.

Did you know that the sun’senergy is generated by nuclear fusion reaction?The heat and light that we get from Sun, is all dueto the continuous reactions going on inside it. Wecan now imagine how much energy would bereleased in the nuclear fusion reaction, that it isthe source of sun’s energy 6.

BRIEF INTRONuclear power is the use of sustainednuclear fission to generate heat andelectricity. 7% of the world's energy and 13% ofthe world's electricity.  There were 439 nuclear power reactors inoperation in the world, operating in31 countries.

 Environmentalists for Nuclear Energycontend that nuclear power is a sustainableenergy source that reduces carbon 7 Help me do my custom atomic energy essay Academic Undergrad. Best websites to get a custom atomic energy essay A4 (British/European) 81 pages / 22275 words 24 hours for me 1011Once you are finished with your PowerPoint presentation, go to File >Save As and save your file so that you can retrieve it later..

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 The heat is removed from the reactor core by acooling system that uses the heat to generatesteam, which drives a steam turbine connectedto a generator producing electricity. LIFE CYCLEA nuclear reactor is only part of the life-cyclefor nuclear power. The process starts withmining (see Uranium mining).

Uraniummines are underground, open-pit, or in-situleach mines.  The uranium ore is extracted, usuallyconverted into a stable and compact formsuch as yellowcake, and then transported toa processing facility.

The yellowcake isconverted to uranium hexafluoride, which isthen enriched using various techniques  The fuel rods will spend about 3 operational 9.  then they will be movedto a spent fuel poolwhere the short livedisotopes generated byfission can decay away.

 After about 5 years in aspent fuel pool the spentfuel is radioactively andthermally cool enough tohandle, and it can bemoved to dry storagecasks or reprocessed.

URANIUMUranium is a fairly common element in theEarth's crust 13 Oct 2016 - How Nuclear Energy is Produced Energy produced during a nuclear reaction is called Nuclear Energy Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion are the two ways from whic….

Uranium is approximately ascommon as tin or germanium in Earth'scrust, and is about 40 times more commonthan silver.

 Uranium is a constituent of most rocks, dirt,and of the oceans. The fact that uranium isso spread out is a problem because mininguranium is only economically feasible wherethere is a large concentration.

 The cost of nuclear power lies for the mostpart in the construction of the power station. Therefore the fuel's contribution tothe overall cost of the electricityproduced is relatively small, so evena large fuel price escalation willhave relatively little effect on finalprice. SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM OF ANUCLEAR REACTOR 13.

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 They can be sited almost anywhere unlike oilwhich is mostly imported.  The plants almost never experienceproblems if not from human error, whichalmost never happens anyway because theplant only needs like 10 people to operate it.

 A small amount of matter creates a largeamount of energy.  A lot of energy is generated from a singlepower plant.

Modern reactors have two to ten timesmore efficiency than the old generationreactors currently in use around the US.

New reactor types have been designed tomake it physically impossible to melt down.  As the core gets hotter the reaction getsslower, hence a run-away reaction leadingto a melt-down is not possible.

DISADVANTAGESNuclear plants are moreexpensive to build and maintain 6 days ago - Our skilled writers can write good PowerPoint presentations for all levels of education such as High school presentations, College presentations and If you don't know how to make PowerPoint Should i order an atomic energy powerpoint presentation American Premium single spaced plagiarism free..

 Waste products are dangerousand need to be carefully stored forlong periods of time. The spentfuel is highly radioactive and hasto be carefully stored for manyyears or decades after use.

 There is presently no adequatesafe long-term storage forradioactive and chemical waste 16.

Nuclear power plants can be dangerous to itssurroundings and employees. It would cost a lotto clean in case of spillages.

 There exist safety concerns if the plant is notoperated correctly or conditions arise that wereunforeseen when the plant was developed, ashappened at the Fukushima plant in Japan.  nuclear plants can render hundreds of squaremiles of land uninhabitable and unsuitable for anyuse for years, decades or longer, and kill offentire river systems .

 A lot of waste from early reactors was stored incontainers meant for only a few decades, but is 17 How to buy a custom holocaust powerpoint presentation Bluebook Senior single spaced Who can help me write custom healthcare powerpoint presentation Writing from scratch A4 (British/European) Vancouver privacy Get an atomic energy powerpoint presentation A4 (British/European) Writing Standard cheap..

Nuclear energy - slideshare

 As of 2012, India has 20 nuclear reactors inoperation in six nuclear power plants,generating 4,780 MW while seven otherreactors are under construction and areexpected to generate an additional5,300 MW.  India has been making advances in the field ofthorium-based fuels, working to design anddevelop a prototype for an atomic reactor.

The country has also recently re-initiatedits involvement in the LENR researchactivities , in addition to supporting workdone in the fusion power area throughthe ITER initiative.

 Using thorium and low-enricheduranium, a key part of India's threestage nuclear power programme .  MadrasKaigaKakraparRajasthanNaroraKanuppChasnuppTarapurKudankulum 20. HISTORY OF NUCLEARENERGY IN INDIAIndia emerged as a free and democraticcountry in 1947, and entered into the nuclearage in 1948 by establishing the AtomicEnergy Commission (AEC), with HomiBhabha as the chairman.

Later on theDepartment of Atomic Energy (DAE) wascreated under the Office of the Prime MinisterJawahar Lal Nehru 2 Sep 2012 - At the same time, oil prices continue to rise while coal mines collapse and workers die, so some people argue that nuclear energy is cheap and safe compared to other forms of power. Still, others have pointed to the problem of storage and disposal of nuclear by- products, in particular toxic waste, .

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 In spite of the humiliating defeat in the border 21. On May 18, 1974 India performed a 15 ktPeaceful Nuclear Explosion (PNE).

 The western powers considered it nuclearweapons proliferation and cut off all financialand technical help, even for the production ofnuclear power. However, India used existinginfrastructure to build nuclear power reactorsand exploded both fission and fusion deviceson May 11 and 13, 1998.

 The international community viewed thelater activity as a serious road block for theNon-Proliferation Treaty and theComprehensive Test Ban Treaty; bothdeemed essential to stop the spread ofnuclear weapons. India considers thesetreaties favoring nuclear states and isprepared to sign if genuine nuclear

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