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Diplomacy Presentation ShareWordPress Shortcode Are you sure you want to YesNo Your message goes here 1. Diplomacy Central Case:The Congress of Vienna Presented by Grant Stone 2.

French Revolution

  • Story of French Revolution.
  • -Causes-
  • -Widespread economic factors including famine and malnutrition
  • -High Unemployment
  • -Dissatisfaction with King Louis XVI
  • -Events-
  • -Execution of King Louis XVI
  • -Creating a constitution that failed
  • -”Reign of Terror”
3. The beginning of Pitts plan
  • Alexander I, Tsar of the Russias
  • William Pitt, British Prime Minister

Balance of Power

  • “ Power is too difficult to assess, and the willingness to vindicate it too various, to permit treating it as a reliable guide for international order. Equilibrium works best if it is buttressed by an agreement on common values. The balance of power inhibits the capacity to overthrow the international order: agreement on shared values inhibits the desire to overthrow the international order.

    Congress of Vienna

    • Who
    • Prince Metternich, Austria
    • Prince Von Hardenberg, Prussia
    • Talleyrand, France
    • Tsar Alexander I, Russia
    • Lord Castlereagh, Great Britan
    • What was decided?
    • Balance of Power